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Strategic Objectives

Your website is the cornerstone of all your digital activities. This is the home of your digital presence, where the research and conversion of customers happen, as well as tracking data for use on other digital channels.

The aim of this report is to asses the current state of your digital real-estate in terms of the website. We will asses the current traffic, sources of this traffic, organic keyword rankings and ranking factors. This report will result in a set of prioritised actionables that will inform a larger SEO Campaign strategy and roll-out plan.

Current Traffic

1 Jan 2021 - 31 Jan 2021

Above is a snapshot of traffic during the month of January 2021. We would have more data to analyse if Google Analytics was running for a longer period on the site, however this account was only added recently since Angela was unable to provide access to the original Google Analytics account. That said, there is nothing out of the ordinary to report barring  the traffic spike on the 9th of Jan. There was an increase in direct traffic to the homepage , however the bounce rate was significantly higher (90%). Traffic spiked between 1 – 4pm.

Mobile accounts for 55% of our traffic, with desktop at 44% and tablet with 1%.

Organic search traffic for the same period
Traffic region breakdown

Most of our traffic comes from Cape town with Port Elizabeth being the next valid region of traffic. The ‘not set’ instance is a result of users navigating to your site but having certain privacy settings in place that don’t allow us to track their behaviour. 

Current Rankings

Domain Authority: 11

Domain authority is a score given by a third party platform that factors in age, backlinks and traffic to determine the overall grade of your site from a search perspective. The higher the better. 

Below are some of the keywords we rank for on local search in order of estimated views. 

Looking at our site content it would be good to start ranking for terms like ‘groot brak long term rentals’ or ‘groot brak holiday rentals’.

Ranking Keywords

SEO Analysis

This section covers some technical aspects related to SEO, website load speed and user experience.

  1. Is the keyword in the title?
  2. Is the keyword in the META description?
  3. Is the target keyword within the first few sentences?
  4. Is the URL SEO-optimized and clean?
  5. Does the ALT tag on the first image of the page contain the target keyword?
  6. Does the last sentence of the content include the target keyword?
    Are there internal links? If so, are they placed the right way?
  1. Is there a content strategy?
  2. Is Your Content Unique and Original?
  3. Is Your Content Useful and Informative?
  4. Is Your Content Better Than Your Competitors?
  5. Is Your Content Engaging?
  6. Is Your Information Accurate?
  7. Is Your Content Long Enough?
  8. Are There Grammar and/or Spelling Errors?
  9. Are There Broken Links?

Page Level Analysis

The website certainly gets some of the basics right but is missing keyword optimization and a few technical corrections in some areas.



A lot of the basics are in place which means we have a good foundation. However we should certainly do some optimization around target keywords/search terms.

Website Analysis

How your users experience your website is key to your digital success. Is it easy to use? Does it prompt the user to take action? Can the user find what they are looking for?

Your website loads quickly and is mobile friendly according to Google’s mobile usability test. This alone does not however mean that the user has a good experience when visiting your website.





There are a number of factors and ways to analyse how users are engaging and
interacting with your site. Below are some data points to examine in our user
experience analysis:

Bounce Rate

Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer on what is a good bounce rate. There are many factors and it will vary depending on the type of site/product. That being said a bounce rate between 60% – 80% is solid and between 30%-40% is great.

Our bounce rate of 50% is quite good. This shows that in general our users are finding what they are looking for and spending sufficient time on the site.

Average Time Spent On Site

The longer users stay on your site, the more chances you get to convert them. Like bounce rate, average time spent on site is relative. If the average time spent on site is less 1 minute, then it’s definitely something we would want to look into.

Our average session duration is 02:38 – this is quite good and shows us that users are exploring the content.

Exit Pages

Identifying what pages users leave from the most is the first step to fixing the issue. Pages with a 80% or higher exit rate % are worth investigating. Pages with the most traffic will always have a higher exit rate.

The page with the highest exit % is /properties/smallholdings-horse-stabling/ ; although this is understandable as users who land here might be looking for something specific.

  1. Does this page solve a problem or answer a question to the fullest extent?
  2. Are there still some questions left unanswered?
  3. How is the readability of the content?
  4. Are there too many big blocks of text?
  5. Too little images?
  6. Broken images?
  7. Does the page load slowly?
  8. Are there distracting elements such as advertisements that would send a user
    off your site?
  9. Are you setting external links to “open in a new window” (if not, you should)?

Your website loads quickly and is recognised as mobile friendly by Google’s mobile usability tester. These are positive, but we could definitely look at optimizing images better on the site to improve on load times.

Social media

Social Media marketing is one of the most important aspects in modern day marketing. We’re losing out on numerous leads/traffic as a result of not having a social media presence or even a Google My Business rich snippet.


  1. Research, discuss and select target keywords and keyword sets for each page and implement updates to content.
  2. Set up Google My Business and Social Media Accounts (Facebook)
  3. Add caching and image optimisation

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