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Sleek website design and development with marketing and digital support for dentists

Sleek website design and development with marketing and digital support for dentists

We can help with:

High Converting Website

Steadily grow your patient base with the help of a sleek, mobile-friendly website.

Website Traffic

We assist with driving paid and organic traffic to your site to generate leads.

Reputation Management

Let us help you effectively stay abreast with online patient communication.

Email Marketing

Reach your patients via a powerful email engine.

Social Media

Build an online community for your existing as well as potential new patients.

Analytics & Conversion

A recognised market via efficient analysis and reporting, will drive strategic marketing to reach new patients.

We’re a digitally driven team that offer full service support with the same goal you have: Patient conversion.
Website Packages from €900
Marketing Packages from €300 pm
We have 20 years of experience in the digital world. We understand the importance of an efficient and memorable digital presence and we can build the website you need to reach and engage existing and potential patients.
Let’s Develop & Design Your Website

Utilise your website as an effective marketing tool. Allow prospective patients to know you are, the quality service you have to offer and the professionalism you practice. Your website is the window into your business and should be applied to grow new patient conversion.

We have the experience and the expertise to place your practice in a leading position with a website that speaks true to you as a dentist and speaks to what potential patients are looking for.

A beautiful, user-friendly website has no use without traffic.

Traffic can be organic which is earned from search engine optimisation (SEO). Your Google ranking improve as your website content becomes more authoritative.

Traffic to your website can also be paid which involves Google Ads and Facebook Ad campaigns. These ads extend into wider target audiences, bringing them to your website.

Let’s Increase Your Traffic

Let’s Talk Social Media

Existing and potential patients engage with you as a brand via social media. Your presence, with engaging content and community management, keep patients interested, invested and loyal.

We can assist with content and best practices to build an engaging social presence.

Speak directly to your patients via one of the best ROI tools – email. You can educate, up-sell and cross-sell via email without the interference of reach and/or engagement algorithms.

Stay connected to current patients, improve retention, referrals and reactivations by making effective use of email campaigns.

Let’s Speak Directly To Your Database
Let’s Track Online Mentions

Patients will talk about your practice and your services online. Their sentiment might be positive, but it could also be negative. It’s crucial for you to be aware of communication taking place regarding your business.

Receive alerts on all mentions regarding your business and be the first to respond and manage patient communication taking place in the online world.

Our Mission

We’re a team of digital strategists, web developers, digital designers, social media specialists, content creators and project managers who work tirelessly to solve your business challenges and realise your goals.

What Our Clients Say

Gary Lotter
Wildlife Safari
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Having worked successfully with Kri8it on a number of projects, our most recent collaboration was no exception. Our brief was to develop a website for a Kenyan based safari travel company that had a specific focus towards highlighting a select range of products and destinations that the client was marketing and selling. The Kri8it design team produced a beautiful concept, and the development team produced a beautiful and functional website that is ideal for the clients purposes.
Katherine Gray
L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate Coordinator
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The new website was met with such positive review, and all the artwork, design and branding was brilliant. Your team have a work ethic where you really go the extra mile, something that makes a huge difference to my job, and you work with such a good ethic, professionalism and passion that I truly think resonates and is translated to everyone who experiences various parts of LQP, from website to design and marketing and print on the day.
Charl Ackermann
Marketing Manager, Edu Africa
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We absolutely loved working with the Kri8it team! From our very first meeting, their friendliness and passion for what they do was evident. They weren’t at all scared of our tight deadline and tackled our website refresh with the utmost professionalism and creativity. The ability they showed to accurately execute the vision that we had for this project was phenomenal. I was impressed by their clear communication and the overall way that they managed the project.

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