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Client Success Snapshot

2017 has been an interesting ride! We’re sharing some highlights from the year - check out these marketing wins that offered our clients a great return on their digital investment during 2017

2017 has been an interesting ride! We’re sharing some highlights from the year – check out these marketing wins that offered our clients a great return on their digital investment during 2017

Art of Safari

Art of Safari is a brand that we have nurtured from its inception – planning and developing all their digital platforms from scratch, including an industry-leading website. One stand-out achievement is the high growth trajectory of their social media footprint, especially on Facebook. In the first year (Nov 2016 and Nov 2017), we acquired over 13,500 fans and increased the number of interactions per 1,000 fans dramatically, currently achieving over 1,800 interactions per 1,000 fans in a month.


The top-performing post (a long form gallery post that went live on 24 Oct 2017) gained 5,558 reactions and reached 66,457 people!

Simply Asia:

We grew Simply Asia’s Facebook fanbase by over 100% – from 32,000 to 64,000 users – in 10 months since we took over management of the account. We have successfully reached an average of 50,000 unique people every day during the period, which is up from 7,600 before our involvement.

Stillwater Sports: Cape Town 12

For the Cape Town 12 running event, we were briefed to create a content plan to boost engagement, gather entries and inspire runners from all over the Western Cape to come and represent their town in this 12km race. Our goal was to reach the entry limit of 12 500 entries.

The content roll-out helped to grow the Facebook fan base by 6,553 in a few months. And the related campaigns released 2.8 million adverts, which reached over 9,350 targeted individuals. This effort gathered close to 14 000 entries – exceeding our objective. The organisers decided to close entries early.

Stillwater Sports: Wines2Wha­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­les

It was a joy to design and develop a new website for Wines2Whales: a premium cycling stage race that attracts mountain bikers from around the globe. Kri8it were asked to create a more informative and rewarding user experience that works seamlessly across all devices. We also implemented some great API integrations that let members view leader board results and race against each other. The market was very engaged digitally – and we achieved amazing newsletter results, including a 59%-62% open rate (far above the industry average of 19%). We also achieved an exceptional click through rate of up to 25% (the industry average is only 2.4%).

Leatt Protectives:

As a global brand, Leatt has a broad target market. Engaging this large audience could require a hefty digital marketing budget – but fortunately, Kri8it managed to achieve an overall CPM (Cost per 1,000 Impressions) of only R11.71 during 2017. We released over 30 million adverts during the year, which reached over 3.3 million unique users. This is a phenomenal result that has delivered exceptional value to this longstanding client.

Total Value Delivered to Clients in 2017

For all our marketing clients together, Kri8it has achieved the following.

Amount Spent R1 314 235,58 Ad spend only
Impressions 58 793 957
271% more than global avg. with same spend
Adverts released
Reach 7 812 372 Unique people who saw an ad
Page Engagement 8 384 968
as low as R0.20 per engagement
People who interacted with brands on social media
Page Likes 72 930 New fans
Link Clicks 148 267
with some clicks as much as 107% cheaper than the global avg.
Amount of people who were driven to brand content
CPM R34,78
Global avg. R83
Average cost per 1,000 adverts achieved

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