Digital Ireland: is your business part of the transformation?
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Digital Ireland: is your business part of the transformation?

Nurturing a truly digital and data-centric economy in Ireland will add immense value through increased connectivity and access to vital public services for all citizens, as well as greater job creation and business opportunities.

“As home to the top ten global technology companies, hundreds of indigenous ICT companies, and a growing start up community, Ireland is well positioned to be the digital leader in Europe”
– Cathriona Hallahan Managing Director, Microsoft Ireland.

In recent years, Ireland has made great progress towards broad-reaching digital transformation. Some highlights include:

  • Being ranked 16th globally in the Fletcher School’s Digital Evolution Index 2017 for its state of evolution
  • Becoming a hub for many multi-national technology companies – including the likes of Google and Amazon – which create a substantial number of digital jobs locally
  • Smart Dublin recently made €900,000 available for five critical technology-driven projects to improve urban living

However, despite this progress, Ireland still faces several obstacles on its path to becoming a true digital leader globally. Key challenges include growing digital entrepreneurship, attracting highly skilled technological talent from around the world and a public services sector that is “under-digitised in comparison to its global digital competitors”, according to the Enabling Digital Ireland report.

Additionally, many rural areas are still unable to access high-speed broadband, which is required for efficient service delivery and to open up more economic and entrepreneurial opportunities for citizens and businesses.

Is your business digitally-enabled?

As a business operating in Ireland, you have an opportunity to accelerate this digital transformation. No matter whether your organisation is a start-up, small family business, NPO or well-established company, there are many ways that digital technology can help you to increase productivity and efficiency, boost sales, gain a greater foothold in the market and improve your customer experience, all while participating in Ireland’s growing digital economy.

With our social and work lives being made easier by technology, most customers expect digital services from the businesses and brands that they engage with. This involves being able to communicate online or on social media with a brand, research products and services via mobiles and desktops, browse before buying, make online purchases, and so forth.

Digital technology can help you to transform your company’s slow, paper-based customer service processes into fast digital processes, so you can create a much more efficient, flexible, environmentally-friendly customer experience. For example, you could set up a simple and secure online store, so your customers can browse and buy your products and services at any hour, from anywhere.  Or you could modernise your website to create a much more valuable online brand experience that provides your customers with easy access to information, inspiration and news.

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