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What is evergreen content and why your website needs it

If you have an active blog with quality content, good for you. It’s great to share news and stay abreast of trends. But do you also have some evergreen content to boost your search rankings and keep your brand top of mind?
Evergreen content is, like its name suggests, content that never goes out of fashion. It’s relevant all year round and doesn’t date, continuing to drive traffic. It will typically be about something that someone, somewhere will be searching for. Simply put, it will be something that is both relevant to your service or product and feature popular search terms.


Why you need evergreen content

Well, if you have a bunch of articles in your back pocket for times when news is slow, it will save you time and effort. But there are also a few more very important reasons to keep most of your content evergreen:


  • It positively influences your search rankings. Remember that these are determined by a very complicated algorithm that looks at, amongst other things, how much expired content your site has that hasn’t been viewed in recent history. Evergreen content will help keep your blog fresh and top of mind.
  • It keeps working for you long after it’s published. You may have published an article in 2015 but if it has the right keywords that people are searching for, it will continue to be discovered every day. That’s why it’s worth investing in quality content, enlisting the services of a professional digital content agency, like Kri8it, if required.
  • It drives traffic to your website: Evergreen content typically achieves high ranking positions in search engines, which means it gets found more and brings more visitors to your website.


Making the most of SEO keywords

Did you know that 50% of search queries are four words and longer? That means that people are searching very specifically for content – something that should be considered when coming up with topics for your blog. Optimising your content for SEO is somewhat of a science, so if you need help on that front, get in touch with Kri8it.

Ideas for evergreen content

Quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search. If you are out of ideas on what to post on, here are some formats that have been proven to work well for marketers:


  • Listicles: 10 ways to do this, 5 most important tips to do that.
  • User guides: Provide useful content explaining exactly how your product works.
  • Interviews: Showcase key members of staff or achievements in a Q&A format.
  • Best of: Do an end-of-year roundup of your best-selling products or favourite tools that your business uses.
  • Case studies: Feature a successful client story.
  • Checklists: To help a customer prepare for a certain time of year or event, e.g. back to school or packing for the holidays.
  • Tutorials or beginner’s guides.


Remember, you can also revamp old content, for example, turn a listicle into an infographic or a case study into a video. These days, video content is viewed up to 50 times more than written content (source: Omnicore), so be sure to include video in your evergreen content strategy as well.


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