Research & Analysis

Our work is only as good as our understanding of your business, goals and customers. We believe that sound research and analysis is the foundation of any digital strategy. Through thorough competitor and market analyses, customer surveys and more, we make sure we build every project and campaign on holistic, accurate intelligence. Over the years, we have honed our R&A methodology to ensure that we optimise your digital marketing spend.

Campaign strategy

What are your goals? Do you want to increase your sales opportunities, change perceptions, educate customers or build brand awareness? Are you driving traffic to a store, a competition entry form or a website? We can work closely with you to define clear social campaign marketing strategies that align with your unique business goals. This way, all efforts and spend will be focused on the most suitable channels, the most relevant audience, and the most impactful content.

Content strategy

The social sphere may be flooded with content, but we can help you to navigate your way through all this noise. Our content specialists can help you to create brand messaging that adds value – through entertaining, educating, informing, inspiring or offering them an exclusive deal. We’ll also ensure that this content is delivered to the most suitable people, in a relevant way, at the right time.

Facebook & Instagram marketing

Every campaign is unique. Depending on our strategy, we could include the following services:

Facebook Campaigns
Facebook Ads
Facebook Dark Post Advertising
Facebook Post Boost Advertising
Facebook Retargeting
Facebook Marketing
Advert Split Testing
Sales Funnels
Twitter Trendjacking
Twitter Promoted Tweets
Instagram Advertising

Email campaigns

Email-based campaigns play a vital role in any integrated marketing strategy, particularly when they are well written, targeted and timed. Strategic email marketing is a cost-effective way to promote products, advertise offers, educate customers and keep those vital lines of communication open. We offer email marketing services, including e-newsletters, that are tested, measured and optimised for maximum open rates, click throughs and conversions. We also comply with all relevant data protection regulations.

Search Engine Marketing

In a world where “Google” has become a verb and so many brands are competing for share of voice on this platform, SEM helps increase your visibility in Google’s search results. To this end, we offer strategic Google AdWords campaigns with keyword and competitor research, conversion-focused advert copywriting, and in-depth campaign performance analysis.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Once you’ve attracted visitors to your website, the next step is to convert them into customers – or encourage them to take the desired action that meets your online goals.
Kri8it examines the psychology of the user and analyses their path to purchase or conversion, removing any obstacles in their way, making them feel safe and secure, and showing them only the information they need to reach a decision. Because every business is different, we create unique CRO strategies for your campaign, constantly testing and adjusting for optimal success.

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