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Going digital is no longer an option

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted business as we know it in virtually every industry. Some companies are still not able to trade under current rules, while others are under immense pressure to drive down costs – or completely re-imagine the way they work and serve customers.

When lockdown measures were first enforced, most organisations had to adapt to managing a remote workforce overnight. And over the past few months, many have been figuring out how to keep sales afloat and customer relationships alive without being able to interact face-to-face.

Digital technologies like videoconferencing platforms have played a valuable role. And as companies adapt to the ‘new normal’, many are considering even more innovative, digitally enabled ways of doing business.

Is now really the right time to go digital?

Adopting digital approaches may seem like a luxury right now. In many cases, however, it is the only way to survive. Those in the live entertainment industry, for example, have no choice but to move their performances and concerts online.

Investing in digital business and communication platforms now is an opportunity to save jobs and build a stronger, more agile business that will remain relevant and competitive through times of rapid change. It can also set your company up for long-term success in a world where social distancing is going to increase the demand for more touchless customer interactions going forward.

Let’s look into how your business can harness digital technology to maintain customer connections, grow sales and remain resilient.


While South Africa was one of the only countries in the world to shut down e-commerce during lockdown (except for the sale of essential goods), these rules have been relaxed. There’s now a unique opportunity for businesses to take advantage of new shopping behaviours that have developed in response to the outbreak. For example, 37% of South Africans say they are shopping more online.

For smaller enterprises that can no longer afford the overheads associated with running a physical store, e-commerce could be the only way to earn a living. And for others, creating a digital platform for selling products and services supports social distancing measures and helps to keep customers safe.

Social media

At a time when so many people feel isolated and disconnected from each other, brands can increase their presence on social media to stay in touch with their communities and keep important conversations going. Almost 50% of consumers globally say they’ve been spending longer on social media since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Importantly, brands need to be responsible and careful about how they communicate during these difficult times. Messages need to be relevant, genuine, uplifting and/or helpful – with the goal of adding value and creating a positive difference during difficult times.

Virtual events

Marketing teams that have always relied on platforms like trade shows, expos and events to generate leads and create awareness around new products and innovations are now having to rethink their approaches. In some cases, it is possible to host virtual events in the form of a webinar or Facebook Live broadcast, for example.

Are you keen to embrace digital as part of your business continuity plan?

Kri8it has extensive experience in helping clients move their businesses and marketing campaigns into the digital space. If you need a website, an online store, a digital marketing strategy, a social media campaign or a virtual event, we can assist. To discuss your unique needs, get in touch now.

To discuss your unique needs, get in touch now.

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