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A digital sales platform for Aukey

About the client

AUKEY is a global designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and mobile tech accessories. Drawing on more than a decade of technology and hardware development experience, AUKEY continually expands its product range to keep pace with contemporary digital lifestyles around the world. AUKEY ranks among the top Amazon sellers, with distribution partners in over 50 countries.

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Services Offered

  • Website Design & Development
  • Design & Content

The Challenge

As a company with a growing global footprint, AUKEY needed a new website and bespoke ecommerce platform for its South African market. Kri8it was appointed as AUKEY’s local digital agency – and we were asked to provide this solution for them.

The Solution

Kri8it designed and developed a new website and digital store for AUKEY using WooCommerce and WordPress. These platforms work hand-in-hand to deliver a reliable and agile backend ecommerce management system.


The new site is extremely easy for our client to update in-house. They can effortlessly add new pages or products and edit content as they need to. AUKEY now has full control over its products and the day-to-day management of the digital store. To reduce time to market, we used a theme framework that allowed us to build fast, fluid and responsive templates. This enabled us to rapidly develop the site for mobile devices.

We also found a local shipping partner who has a compatible WooCommerce solution, to ensure a seamless and efficient shipping process.

When designing the user experience, we used a mobile-first methodology. This is reflected in the easy-to-digest content. Everything is visual for quick recognition. No user journey needs to take longer than two or three taps.

Overall, the design is clean, functional and focused, allowing the product to take centre stage. The ranges are very easy to navigate, using visual tools and an intuitive menu that makes it simple for customers to find suitable products, quickly.

To streamline the user experience even further, we used colour swatches to provide users with an easy way to view products with colour variations. Instead of featuring the product in every colour upfront, we show one version of the product with a colour swatch. Clients can quickly view all colour themes at once and then open an image of their chosen product in their preferred colour. This helps to simplify the customer journey.

What our client says

Working with the Kri8it team has been a pleasure from the get-go. They were extremely informative and knowledgeable from the outset and were able to answer all of our initial questions and concerns regarding our website setups. They are always helpful and approachable, no matter the issue. We were able to bounce off and many ideas and plans with them. Their planning and communication have been excellent, staying on top of deadlines and providing progress reports frequently. It has been great working with Kri8it over the past year.
Carl Rickens

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